Population Health and Practice Development Fellowship

Apex Provider Solutions

Waipahu, HI
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Apex Provider Solutions is a sister company of 5 Minute Pharmacy, a locally owned independent pharmacy that has been serving the people of Hawaii for the last 11 years. We are located in Waipahu, HI and currently provide pharmacist collaborative services for 5 primary care practices across the island. We work collaboratively with these clinics to perform annual wellness visits, chronic care management and remote patient monitoring by integrating a pharmacist into these practices. Our patient population reflects the uniqueness of Hawaii, which is includes a melting pot of cultures from Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Polynesia. 

Meet our core team

Charmaine Cabigas, PharmD

clinical pharmacist

What are the primary pharmacist-led services?

Annual wellness visits (AWVs)

Annual comprehensive visit for Medicare patients

Chronic care management (CCM)

Management for Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions

Remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)

Management of digitally collected physiologic data

What skillsets are needed to be successful?

  • Entrepreneurial approach to building programs
  • Ability to navigate provider and clinic collaborations/relationships
  • Good attitude and great communication skills
  • Flexible and works under a growth mindset
  • Strong clinical knowledge base
  • Good work ethic and effective time management
  • Patient, kind, and compassionate