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Collaborative clinical services can transform care for Medicare patients, bring revenue and value to independent practices, and diversify the services offered by the pharmacy team for sustainability and expansion in the role of the pharmacist. Getting your first provider on board can be a challenge, so we've created a guide to walk you through key considerations to find the right partners and get them on board! 
Amina Abubakar, Olivia Bentley, Brianna Johnson, & Jessica Sinclair
Marketing to Providers



Find Your Collaborating Provider

Not sure where to start? Our guide provides examples of how to identify your collaborators. 


Know the Services and Their Value

Annual wellness visits, chronic care management, and remote physiologic monitoring are just a few of the core services we teach at the Avant Institute. 


Get Your Numbers

Over the years of offering collaborative clinical services, we've learned that having an idea of the true numbers can help you craft your collaboration. 


Methods for Approaching Providers

What should I take with me and how do I prepare? Our team provides tips on how to start the conversation.


Ask About Their Needs

Learning the pain points of a practice may help you articulate your value add.


Conduct a Pilot

In our final section, we discuss how a pilot can impact the launch of your collaborative clinical services.