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What are my options?

Our consulting services are designed to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s securing your first contract, launching a new program, improving your bottom line, or pursuing an entirely new direction for your business. 

Quality Solutions

We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help our clients build strong foundations for their clinical services.

Flexible Options

Our packages provide a range of consulting options, from as needed support to our most structured programs.

Client Focused

We work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and design a solution that meets their unique needs.

Coaching Packages

The purpose of the coaching packages is to allow a pharmacy team that is already started in their contract and workflow to have guidance for efficiency, growth, and success. The check-ins for the coaching packages are less frequent to allow the team the freedom to implement guidance and continue to build services. At the check-ins, the team can troubleshoot issues with their coach. Each clinic is unique in its needs, so there are a couple packages to choose from. Coaching packages are ideal for sites with confidence in their knowledge but are seeking guidance on taking their collaborations to the next level. 

Management Packages

The purpose of the management packages is to assist a pharmacy team from the beginning of their contract. These packages will require prior training on the service sets so that a baseline knowledge is present. This is our most hands-on approach that aids in the specifics of building a program. It includes assistance with building workflow, utilizing technology to the best of its ability, goal setting for growth and success of the overall program, chart auditing, and outcome tracking. The check-ins for these packages are more frequent in the beginning and then move to being less frequent as structure is built and the team is more confident in the services. 

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Our subscription service is designed to allow you to utilize the Avant team knowledge on a short-term basis. This may be an appropriate option for those who are still working to get a contract and need assistance with fine-tuning their pitch. It may also benefit those who have secured a contract and are confident in their knowledge of the services but may still have questions regarding medical billing, EOBs, feedback or assistance with processes or resources, or chart audits. This subscription is not a guided or structured service as the needs are driven by the client. 

  • 3 retainer hours per month with a three-month commitment
  • Unused hours do not carry over from month to month

A la carte hours

Additional consulting services can be purchased a la carte and personalized per request. Please use this link to review the different consulting services and provide a description of your individualized needs. Please contact us at for group training or needs that are outside of these descriptions for a personalized quote. 

Examples include:
  • Guidance for provider or practice pitches
  • Contract and proposal support
  • Clinical service candidate reviews
  • Guidance on building your own medical practice Content development