Grow Your Revenue by Building Your People

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Pre-Symposium Workshop by PharmFurther
Thursday, January 30th

Why should I join the pre-symposium workshop?

It’s no secret that building profitable medical practice models requires consistent revenue, but did you know that just a 10% reduction in cost is equivalent to a 40% increase in revenue? Recruiting and onboarding new employees adds a financial and workload burden to your team. By investing in your people, you can overcome your turnover challenges, increase employee productivity, create a healthier work culture that attracts and retains top talent, and provide consistent care to your patients.

In tough times, you’ll need to provide employees with the highest level of clarity you can achieve. Learn how to communicate effectively to foster growth and work together as a team. With rising administrative burdens and falling payment rates, it is more important than ever to hire and retain the right people. 

Successful Implementation

We will help you unlock your inner leadership potential so you and your team can excel. 
  • Attract and recruit good people for the positions you need
  • Interview with the best questions and hiring processes
  • Improve employee retention
  • Accelerate progress and build team collaboration
  • Conduct critical conversations with dignity
  • Create a culture of accountability to improve your bottom line

Engaging your people with principles in Implementation of Science and the Psychology of Leadership.

Processes that build confidence and improve your bottom line.

"Travis has been an integral part of helping us problem solve and implement new ways of communicating across our teams. When we all communicate, we are able to focus on what truly matters, enhancing patient care."

claire, kansas
Meeting Travis with PharmFurther was a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. Conversations with him consistently open my eyes to newer and better ways to be a more effective leader and more positive person. I am indebted to Travis for helping me methodically put in place all the ingredients I need to improve the pharmacy workplace for myself, my co-workers, patients and providers.
— Nicki, North Carolina
I love working with Travis Wolff. He is helping me be the owner I want to be for my staff. I have made more progress with him in two months than with any coaching I've done prior, including a three year coaching relationship, and I feel like my team is really falling into place.
— Jennifer, Colorado
[Travis] has the ability to blend custom tailored coaching with consulting and development of creative action plans to promote exponential leadership and change needed to drive game changing successes in our businesses. Travis has an uncanny way to make anyone want to strive for growth and improvement with his positivity and motivational words.
— Stacie, Kansas