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About the Avant Institute

Choosing the Right Training is a Challenge

We take pride in teaching what we do. The Avant Institute experts provide world-class training and support as you embark on a career-changing journey, both professionally and personally. 
  • Learn how to navigate clinic relationships.
  • Master key population health services.
  • Navigate medical billing with ease.
  • Apply clinical knowledge to improve outcomes in value-based care.

Featured Programs



Our signature 3-day training, The Advanced Learning Immersion Experience (ALIE). This course transforms the way pharmacists collaborate with local medical providers. Expand your clinical offerings, drive outcomes in value-based care, and diversify your revenue opportunities.


A program designed to pair innovative community pharmacies with practice transformers. Our fellows build and expand population health services within communities across the country to build job opportunities for pharmacists, maintain the integrity of the services, and take patient outcomes to the next level.


A solution as unique as your opportunities. Through our coaching and management packages, our team of experts provide personalized support and guidance for your collaborations. Through our experiences working with providers in a number of practice settings, we've designed processes and resources to help you move forward with ease.

What we offer

Workshops, On-Demand Courses, Personalized Coaching, Fellowship Programs, Subscriptions etc.

Your Stories

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Thank you for offering this amazing one-of-a-kind course. It is valuable to those seeking practical, honest information regarding how to implement pharmacist led clinical services with providers. The course is worth every penny. 

Alyson Shirer

Avant has found an innovative solution to solve a long term gap in healthcare. Let's add pharmacists directly into health care teams and work together to provide a higher quality of care. The outcomes are limitless; improved patient outcomes, close healthcare gaps, financial sustainability, and happy patients!

Harin Kalyanji

An incredibly insightful experience of how pharmacists can directly impact patient and provider satisfaction while working at the top of our licenses. I'm leaving [the ALIE] encouraged and excited for the future of community pharmacy. 

Lee Griffin

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