Population Health and Practice Development Pharmacy Fellowship

The Avant Institute is proud to offer the Population Health and Practice Development Fellowship, an unaccredited program unique to our organization. This individualized fellowship was designed for the highly-motivated pharmacist who embraces and drives change within the industry. The core values of our organization are evident in the design for this fellowship program that highlights the limitless opportunities for innovation, growth, and job creation for pharmacists in the community and ambulatory care settings. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for the 2024-2025 class.

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Fellowship Class


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Our fellows and their independent pharmacy sites collaborate with local providers to improve patient outcomes, drive provider quality measures, and build sustainable roles for pharmacists. Don't miss out on this chance to learn more from our leadership team, fellowship preceptors, and current fellows!

Thursday, October 19th at 8:30 PM EDT
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Achieve your goals

Be the change you want to see in the profession

Drive outcomes in population health, collaborate with medical providers, manage patients with multiple chronic conditions, and learn what it takes to build a job position to expand the role of the pharmacist. 

What is the program structure?

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Patient Care 70%

The fellow will serve as a clinical pharmacist in the ambulatory and community settings or managed care setting. Patient care services may include, but are not limited to annual wellness visits, chronic care management, behavioral health integration, and remote physiologic monitoring. The Troy fellow will primarily focus on claims management, care management, and discharge follow-up for patient care services.

Management and Leadership 15%

The fellow will gain essential skills related to implementation of clinical service programs, conducting workflow analysis, and strategic planning for clinic partnerships. The fellow will apply personal leadership strengths through development of clinical staff, mentorship of student pharmacists, and collaborations with other health care providers.

Advancement of Practice Initiatives and Improving Patient Care 7.5%

The fellow will actively participate in optimizing patient care and meeting quality initiatives through preventive health and disease state management services. The fellow will develop and execute a business plan targeting expansion of collaborative clinical services within their practice site.

Teaching and Education 7.5%

The fellow will present to internal team members, external team members, and community partners. The fellow will employ effective precepting and feedback to students and other health care professionals. The fellow will disseminate results of practice-based research through presentations and a capstone project.

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Hear from our fellows

Kimberly Varner, PharmD, MBA
Avant Institute Fellow
"Job creation is part of the reason this fellowship was so intriguing to me! I have passion for improving our profession and helping to secure a seat at the table for pharmacists in the years to come."   
Rory Thomas, PharmD
Moose Pharmacy Fellow
"Any pharmacist intervention requires "buy-in" and support from the rest of the team. This fellowship will give you the richly rewarding experience of being a part of, and even leading such a team while being supported by experienced mentors and like-minded fellows." 
Savannah Jones, PharmD
Chancy Drugs Fellow
"I've always heard it said that you should keep an open mind when it comes to your career....you never know where you will end up. The fellowship provides very unique opportunities not seen in many other places where you can act at the top of your license within the first few months of graduating pharmacy school."