Population Health and Practice Development Fellowship

Frequently asked questions

Why choose the Avant Institute?

Innovation is what we do. We are always on the cutting edge of testing new collaborative models of care to improve patient outcomes, enhance quality of care, and build a sustainable model of practice. Our team is involved in national initiatives to push community pharmacy forward and highlight the value that pharmacists bring to the care team.

Who is the ideal applicant?

We are seeking candidates with the drive and passion to serve as the primary clinical pharmacist for our collaborating clinics. As such, the ideal candidate will need the skills to grow clinical services, work collaboratively with the providers and other members of the healthcare team, and will serve as an entrepreneur for that clinic in building a sustainable practice. Be ready to hit the ground running because things move quickly in our organizations!
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What is the program duration and start date?

The program duration is 12 months and the anticipated start date for the fellowship program is Monday, June 24, 2024. The end date is June 27, 2025.

If I am a new graduate, when do I need to be licensed?

Licensure in the state of your respective site is expected to be within the first quarter of the fellowship. 

What is the stipend?

The minimum stipend for this 12-month position is $47,500, however, please confirm amounts with each individual site as some sites may have an upward adjustment due to cost of living and other factors. 

What are the benefits for the position?

Benefits may include 10 days of PTO as well as medical, dental, and vision insurance. Paid holidays, PTO, and benefits may vary for external sites. Please confirm this with the individual site. 

Are you accredited?

No, our program does not fit the mold of a typical program. We focus on practical learning and experiences that prepare our fellows to build job positions within the practice setting. Our fellowship program is unaccredited and does not follow the traditional requirements of an APhA-ASHP residency program. If candidates plan to pursue a PGY-2 residency, our fellowship program will not be the best fit.

What is your application process?

All application components must be received to be considered for an interview. Our application deadline is March 22, 2024, for first round interviews for the 2024-2025 fellowship class. 

  • Applications due March 22, 2024
  • Application review: March 25th-27th
  • Interviews March 28th-April 9th
  • Rankings due April 10th
  • Results released April 12th

The timeline for round 2 interviews is as follows:
  • Applications due April 22, 2024
  • Application review: April 23rd-April 25th
  • Interviews: April 29th-May 7th
  • Rankings due May 8th
  • Results released May 10th

What is your interview process?

All interviews will be conducted virtually. An initial interview will be conducted by Zoom with the Avant Institute leadership team. Once consensus is reached, a second Zoom interview will be scheduled with site specific team members. Some sites may require a third Zoom interview with select team members.

Where do fellows present their projects?

Fellows may have the opportunity to present at the APhA Annual Meeting and at local conferences. In addition, there may be speaking engagements for electives or opportunities to share your research through publication.

Are you affiliated with any university?

No, our program is not affiliated with a university. Fellows will have the opportunity to precept students and participate in educational activities through the Avant Institute and their individual sites.

How does your program support and develop each fellow?

Our team serves as the back-end support to establish clinical pharmacist roles within collaborating clinics. The fellow will be the primary clinical pharmacist and clinic sites and may establish, sustain, or grow collaborative clinical services, such as annual wellness visits, chronic care management, remote physiologic monitoring, behavioral health integration and more. We believe that there is tremendous value in adding a pharmacist to the care team. We support fellows in their knowledge of collaborative clinical services and how to effectively build models of care, how to evaluate opportunities, but also how to navigate the psychology of collaboration, which is a significant component of sustainability. 
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How do you evaluate each fellow?

Fellows will be evaluated based on their clinical activities, alignment with the company mission and values, and their monthly productivity for collaborative clinical services as well as supporting activities.

What does your preceptor profile look like?

We have a diverse team of preceptors who have been engaging with providers for collaborative clinical services since 2014. Our preceptor team is known across the country for collaborative services and developing innovative models of care. Additionally, our team has been dedicated to building successful models for collaborative clinical services in numerous clinics. They have trained pharmacists, students, and support staff in navigating collaborative relationships. We work closely with site coordinators and preceptors to develop thriving relationships with pharmacies and local providers. 

How will the fellows interact with each other?

While fellows will be located at different sites and will be working with different site coordinators, all fellows will meet regularly as a group to discuss population health initiatives. We will host regular fellowship seminars to discuss industry trends, services, and optimizing implementation for programs. These seminars will be led by Dr. Jessica Sinclair, Dr. Marianna Wilbur, Dr. Brianna Johnson, Dr. Amina Abubakar, Dr. Saswat Kabisatpathy or one of our other fellowship collaborators. 
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