Collaborative Services Master Classes

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Access the courses you want, and transform your business today. As boots on the ground, we teach what we do. Learn from our expert team of instructors on how you can establish your collaborative clinical service program with local providers.

Why the pharmacist?

By effectively utilizing all members of the healthcare team, we can achieve the goals of improving population health, decreasing provider burnout, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of care. Pharmacists are the medication experts and it's time to introduce them as a specialist to the team. Work at the top of your license and allow providers to do the same. Move beyond the counter to diversify your business, drive quality outcomes, and generate revenue outside of the dispensing space.

Pharmacy team does the work

Provider bills for the work

Revenue to support pharmacy services

What are the services?

Annual wellness visit (AWV)

Preventive face-to-face visit to provide comprehensive care for Medicare patients. Assess patient-specific risk factors, screening and immunization needs, and address quality measures.

AWV Standalone Master Class

Chronic care management (CCM)

Care coordination for Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions. Help complex patients navigate self-management and the healthcare system.

CCM & PCM Standalone Master Class

Remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)

Proactively monitor physiologic data to improve patient outcomes. Provide care in-between office visits through electronic submission of at-home readings through connected devices.

RPM Standalone Master Class

Behavioral health integration (BHI)

Establish a continuous relationship with Medicare patients with one or more behavioral health conditions. Monitor medication response, symptom management, and the overall health of these patients.

BHI Standalone Master Class

Principal care management (PCM)

Care management services for patients with a single high-risk condition that places them at an increased risk for hospitalization, decompensation, or functional decline.

CCM & PCM Standalone Master Class

What is the new on-demand format?

  • Our bundles cover the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of clinical services.
  • Signature Bundle: contains all content covered during our traditional ALIE
  • Non-Face-to-Face Bundle: contains chronic care management (CCM), remote physiologic monitoring (RPM), behavioral health integration (BHI), and principal care management (PCM)
  • Individual Service Bundles: Standalone annual wellness visit (AWV), CCM/PCM, RPM, or BHI
  • Optional Add-On: Implementation Phase I Consultation Package