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Remote Physiologic Monitoring Master Class

Our program has been redesigned with on-demand courses to allow you to learn with flexibility. Identify how to target your conversations medical practices, how to share your value as a pharmacist, and how to implement and sustain new programs. Take this chance to transform your pharmacy model and collaborate with local providers in your area.
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What's included?

Discover the benefits of pharmacist-led RPM

  Didactic content
We cover the background of RPM, navigating technology and the pilot and troubleshooting challenges. 
  Example walkthrough
Want to know how to integrate RPM into workflow? What about an RPM platform? There are many considerations when implementing RPM and we talk through how to assess these scenarios.
  Service and business case
Practice your documentation for RPM. Learn how to navigate incoming readings and build a clinical protocol. Hear our tips on how to conduct an RPM from start to finish. 
  RPM toolkit
Example templates for agreements, billing cheat sheets, scripts for enrolling patients, guidance on creating templates, an RPM opportunity calculator, and much more.