2025 Business of Collaborative Care Symposium

January 31st - February 1st, 2025
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Some benefits of this course

A complete negotiation education program starts with private lessons.

Pre-Conference Workshop

It’s no secret that building profitable medical practice models requires consistent revenue, but did you know that just a 10% reduction in cost is equivalent to a 40% increase in revenue? By investing in your people, you can overcome turnover challenges, increase employee productivity, and retain top talent.
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Speaker Profiles

The Business of Collaborative Care Symposium brings together expert speakers who are advancing initiatives in team-based care! Learn more about our speakers and their experience by exploring our speaker profiles.


We look forward to bringing sessions that inspire, engage, and empower our attendees to explore their next steps through innovative collaborations! Explore our agenda for more information on topics and session objectives.


We are invite a select group of vendors to our annual symposium each year. These vendors support the mission of collaborative care and provide tools and resources for enhancing the patient, provider, and collaborator experience.


Find options for housing near the symposium venue. With preferred rates at certain hotels, we look forward to connecting you with options!
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Find guidance on major airports within the area as well as transportation considerations to and from the symposium venue.

Catalyst Award

A catalyst is defined as an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. The Avant Institute Catalyst Award is presented each year during the annual symposium to a provider who personally advocates for and encourages the transformation of collaborative care. Nominate a provider today!

Nexus Award

The Avant Institute Nexus Award is presented to an individual or organization that serves as a connector for pharmacists and provider collaborations. Collaboration takes key relationships and connections to provide the opportunity for success. Submit a nomination for the Nexus Award today!