Collaborative Services Master Classes

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Access the courses you want, and transform your business today. As boots on the ground, we teach what we do. Learn from our expert team of instructors on how you can establish your collaborative clinical service program with local providers.


Included in every Master Class bundle, this covers the value-based healthcare landscape


Customize your service set! Select the bundle based on your WHAT.


Included in every Master Class bundle, this covers the navigation of collaborative relationships.

What are the bundle options?

Select the bundle that best fits your needs. 

Signature Bundle

This bundle contains all services traditionally covered during our ALIE (AWV, CCM, RPM, BHI, PCM & TCM). If you want to explore the full spectrum of services and opportunities, this is the best fit for you.

NF2F Bundle

Not ready to send a pharmacist offsite? We recommend this bundle for anyone who wants to focus on remote services. CCM, RPM, BHI, and PCM are covered in this bundle. 

AWV Bundle

Ready to navigate the catch-all of preventive care services? Master the face-to-face AWV and the add-on codes.

CCM Bundle

Coordination of care and chronic disease state management are in the pharmacist’s wheelhouse. Navigate implementation of CCM into your workflow.

RPM Bundle

Leverage technology to monitor patients in between office visits. Improve connectivity with patients and monitor incoming physiologic data.

BHI Bundle

Already conducting depression and anxiety screenings? Learn how BHI can be your next step in working with patients with behavioral health conditions.

Add-on Implementation Phase I Consultation

Found your partner? 1-on-1 consultations for business planning, discussions with a practice manager/medical biller, and 2 other consultations personalized to your needs.