Collaborative Services Master Classes

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Access the courses you want, and transform your business today. As boots on the ground, we teach what we do. Learn from our expert team of instructors on how you can establish your collaborative clinical service program with local providers.

Frequently asked questions

How do the Master Classes compare to other programs on collaborative clinical services?

At the Avant Institute, we teach models that strengthen the healthcare system, rather than fragmenting patient care. There are many models of pharmacist-led clinical services being taught that disrupt care by disconnecting the patient from their established primary care providers. These models may promote pharmacists conducting services and a telehealth provider billing for the service, even when the telehealth provider may not know the patient's history, may not be available for supervision, or have limited communication with the rest of the care team. This is NOT the model that we teach. Things that are worth doing are never easy and approaching providers for collaborative clinical services is new to many that we train. We are here to teach you the fundamentals from pitching your value and training you on the services all the way to evaluating your opportunities and designing your contracts.

How do I know which Master Class bundle is right for me?

Our Signature Bundle is designed for the pharmacist who is seeking to explore all collaborative clinical services. However, we find that some pharmacy teams prefer to focus on services they can implement from the pharmacy setting. For these teams, we recommend our Non-Face-to-Face Bundle. These services fall under general supervision and can be offered offsite from the provider's practice. Finally, we have specific service bundles that still contain the WHY and HOW but cover a specific collaborative clinical service, such as remote physiologic monitoring (RPM). You can find more information on our bundles here. 

What patient population do you target through the services covered in the Master Classes?

We focus on the Medicare population and the reason for that is because these services can be offered in all states. Pharmacists are recognized as auxiliary personnel and clinical staff team members in these models of care and services through Medicare are not dependent upon provider status or requirements for collaborative practice agreements. 

What does the Master Class program look like?

The program is offered on-demand. This includes pre-recorded content, example cases and workflow, as well as a toolkit for implementation. Our toolkit contains all the resources you will need to kickstart your collaborative clinical service program. This includes a calculator to estimate the revenue that can be generated from services, templates for contracts and service documentation, scripts for enrollment and scheduling, checklists and more! Each bundle contains the WHY, WHAT, and HOW. The piece of the program that may differ depending on the selected bundle is the WHAT. You get to choose your what and the services that are meaningful to you! Purchase them all through the Signature Bundle, focus on the Non-Face-to-Face services (CCM/RPM/BHI/PCM), or select one service that you want to start with. 

What support is provided after the training?

We realize that not everyone will be ready for implementation after they review the material. This is why we have an optional Implementation Phase I Consultation Package that can be purchased at a later time. This includes a private consultation for business planning, consultation with a practice manager/medical biller, consultation for the services, and one additional consultation focused on your individual needs. We recommend purchasing this bundle when you have an identified opportunity.