Population Health and Practice Development Fellowship

Family Pharmacy

San Diego, CA
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Family Pharmacy in El Cajon has forged a vital collaboration with local clinics, focusing on Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) for heart failure and diabetes patients. This partnership enhances healthcare delivery by combining the pharmacy's expertise in medication management with the clinics' medical knowledge and care strategies. It aims to provide a seamless, integrated care experience for patients, ensuring their treatment plans are effective and up-to-date. This collaborative effort is particularly crucial for those managing chronic conditions, where continuous monitoring and timely adjustments to treatment can significantly impact patient outcomes.

The introduction of RPM services as part of this collaboration offers a cutting-edge approach to patient care, allowing for real-time monitoring of vital health parameters. This not only facilitates immediate interventions by healthcare providers but also empowers patients to actively participate in their health management. By focusing on heart failure and diabetes, Family Pharmacy and the clinics in El Cajon are setting a new standard for community health initiatives, aiming to improve quality of life and reduce complications associated with these chronic conditions.

Meet our core team

Noor Mikhail, PharmD, APP, BCGP

FELLOWSHIP site coordinator

What are the primary pharmacist-led services?

Chronic care management (CCM)

Management for Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions

Remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)

Management of digitally collected physiologic data

What skillsets are needed to be successful?

  • Entrepreneurial approach to building programs
  • Ability to navigate provider and clinic collaborations/relationships
  • Compassionate and patient
  • Flexible and works under a growth mindset
  • Maintains and utilizes pharmacy knowledge in patient care
  • Effective time management
  • Hard worker and detail-oriented
  • Bilingual