Population Health and Practice Development Fellowship

TrueCare Pharmacy

Concord, NC
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Join our pharmacy team in an exciting new opportunity to work directly in patient care through a collaboration with our safety net provider, a local FQHC! We are a newly established in-house pharmacy located directly in the heart of the clinic. The FQHC clinical team is excited to bring a pharmacist in to many different clinical scenarios including, but not limited to: Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, medication assistance program collaborations, pharmacy & therapeutics committee involvement, and vaccines. More services are possible, though the focus of this fellowship would be geared towards taking a newly established program and growing it into a sustainable role able to be carried forward beyond the fellowship timeline!

This organization serves primarily low-income patients with a large Spanish-speaking population. Bilingual capabilities are preferred in consideration for this role, but not required. The clinic strives to provide comprehensive medical services and has expanded to provide pharmacy services on site as well. As a part of this fellowship, you would be responsible for completing care coordination tasks, assisting with patient appointment scheduling, carrying out patient appointments associated with the above described services, and reporting directly to the on-site staff pharmacists.

Meet our core team

Devan Conley, PharmD

Originally from Mooresville, NC I graduated from Campbell University with a Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Science in Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research. I am a staff pharmacist with TrueCareRx focusing heavily on innovation, clinical expansion, and genuine patient care. My current role is providing necessary support in opening and establishing CRCHC Pharmacy (Powered by TrueCare Pharmacy) as a sustainable entity that provides patients the higher level of care that comes with the TrueCare experience.

What are the primary pharmacist-led services?

Annual wellness visits (AWVs)

Annual comprehensive visit for Medicare patients

Chronic care management (CCM)

Management for Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions

What skillsets are needed to be successful?

  • Personable, helpful, and timely.
  • Hard working, willing to learn and grow, compassionate, willing to go above and beyond, and shows respect for coworkers and patients.
  • Willing to uphold the company standard of providing instant customer/patient recognition. This means that in each encounter, we treat every person with a "person-first mentality" and have genuine engagement during each encounter.
  • In order to be successful in this fellowship, the candidate would ideally be bilingual (though not a requirement). 
  • The candidate should be highly communicative, creates clear expectations, and follows through on execution of those expectations.
  • Self-starter with entrepreneurial approach to building programs.
  • Ability to navigate provider and clinic collaborations/relationships.
  • Flexible and works under a growth mindset.
  • Effective time management.