Population Health and Practice Development Fellowship

Hurley Drug Company

Williamson, WV
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Hurley Drug is a family owned and operated independent pharmacy in southern West Virginia. We employee four full-time pharmacists and one of those being a clinical pharmacist. We are located in the coalfields of Central Appalachia. Our patient population is medically underserved and typically has multiple comorbidities. We have served our patients through our pharmacy, durable medical equipment, and vaccination program for many years.

Since Covid started, we have partnered with the state to be a point of care testing site. This is the newest program we are offering. We participate as a pharmacist provider for a diabetes education program for the public employees of West Virginia. We are very involved in our community and in the last few years have partnered with a local FQHC with many of their projects. Our collaborative partner has become an anchor organization in the southern part of the state, working to drive community health improvement through collaboration with economic development initiatives and health care and education program. The FQHC serves a predominately low-income population in Mingo County, which has been deemed one of the unhealthiest and most distressed counties in the state. The center operates primary care clinics, provides a variety of outreach services that promote healthy living, and offers treatment to individuals battling substance use disorder.

Meet our core team

Nicole McNamee, PharmD


Charles Baisden, PharmD

fellowship preceptor
Nicole McNamee PharmD, CDE, graduated from University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in 1997. She has owned a family-owned pharmacy for more than 23 years. She also purchased another independent pharmacy in the area about 8 years ago. Nicole has always worked with the community to provide services for her patients. They are in a rural area so they have been the hub for offering immunizations, point of care testing, and many other services to their community. Nicole has always enjoyed helping people and has jumped at any opportunity to offer new services to help the health and wellness of her patients. She has been involved in many community organizations.  

What are the primary pharmacist-led services?

Annual wellness visits (AWVs)

Annual comprehensive visit for Medicare patients

Chronic care management (CCM)

Management for Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions

Remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)

Management of digitally collected physiologic data

What skillsets are needed to be successful?

  • Entrepreneurial approach to building programs
  • Ability to navigate provider and clinic collaborations/relationships
  • Committed to quality patient care
  • Flexible and works under a growth mindset
  • Maintains and utilizes pharmacy knowledge in patient care
  • Effective time management
  • Passionate about learning new things