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Our pharmacy teams are on the cutting edge of change. The Avant Institute was founded to drive the advancement of team-based care, leading to job creation for pharmacists. Through our experiences in the community pharmacy, primary care, health system, and payer settings, we cultivate pharmacists that are not only aware of the clinical demands of patients but also the demands within the value-based healthcare system. Our internal team collaborates with 16 clinic locations and systems within North Carolina and South Carolina. By integrating pharmacists into care, the skills of multidisciplinary teams are broadened to be better prepared to meet the needs of complex patients and healthcare challenges. We test new models to identify how programs translate into practice and through our team's collective experiences, we have designed a fellowship program for external pharmacies that connects you with your local providers to create the healthcare team of tomorrow. With the backing of our highly experienced team, your pharmacy fellows will serve as your extenders and change-makers.  

What does the pharmacy fellow do?

Our fellows work under the supervision of a provider to conduct assessments, screenings, evaluations, and the development of care plans targeting individualized care for patients within collaborating practices. Services may include Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM), and much more! 

How does this benefit my pharmacy?

It takes many things to be successful in collaborating practices. There is a need to be familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding the services and industry standards as well as an investment in the personal and professional development of pharmacists to build strong collaborations. Our team provides the support you and your fellow need to build a lasting relationship with practices in your area. 

Hear from our fellowship sites

Moose Pharmacy, Salisbury, NC

The Fellowship Model

Fellows find the clinical role they have been looking for, and the practice now has a model to afford having a pharmacist on the team.
Koonce Drugs, Chadbourn, NC

What are the Outcomes?

With the right fellow on the team, you can transform your collaborations within a year.
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