Physiatry Pharmacist Collaborative (PPC) at Home

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Created by

Kimberly Varner, PharmD, MBA

Kimberly Varner is from Charlotte, North Carolina and received her doctorate of pharmacy from High Point University Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy. Possessing a passion for both the sciences and business lead her to receive both her BS in business administration and MBA during the course of her education. Having grown up in the back of a pharmacy, Kimberly is the fourth generation in her family to pursue a career in pharmacy allowing her the unique perspective on where the profession has been and where it can grow in the years to come.

Through her work in the development of Physiatry Pharmacist Collaborative at Home, Kimberly has grown and solidified the value pharmacists bring their patients as interprofessional collaborators, drug experts and patient health coaches. She has taken a variety of pieces that are not new to the healthcare scene and brought them together in a way to create a novel interprofessional collaborative that aims to address frailty, chronic disease rehabilitation, transitions of care, and cognitive health by leveraging pharmacy teams as coaches to meet these at-risk populations where they are at. The program is based on the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s 4M model (mobility, mentation, medication, what matters to the patient) to support primary care, ACOs, SNFs & ALFs through our proprietary tech-enabled physiatry-pharmacist care. Some patients just need know someone else believes in them; pharmacists can be that person and change healthcare all together.

Kimberly Varner
Population Health Clinical Pharmacist - Implementation Specialist