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A consultation proposal for your unique needs

Our team of subject matter experts have worked with pharmacists and providers across the country to implement successful and sustainable collaborative relationships. These consultations are targeted for those who have identified a collaborating provider. If you are wondering if a consultation might kickstart this journey for you, review the options below and let us know what you're looking for! Once the form has been filled out, our team will reach out to schedule a call to plan out next steps forward.

Pre-Practice Implementation Analytics

Learn how to evaluate the opportunity at a specific practice. Work through previously billed services, the patient population, target programs, and more to see what can be generated with a practice so you can appropriately staff the clinic.

Clinical Service Candidate Reviews

There are many things to consider when looking for the right clinical pharmacist. Our team can share our experiences with people management and help you find the right fit for your team and for the clinic.

Practice Implementation Analytics

Are you working with a practice but not seeing the profits? Work with our team to identify how to optimize your opportunity.

Contract and Proposal Support

Not sure how to make the most of a contract? There are pros and cons to consider with contract types. Get guidance on which contract may be right for your specific needs. 

Building Your Own Medical Practice

Are you looking to start your own medical practice in collaboration with providers in your area? Learn what it takes to start a practice and get actionable guidance on steps forward. 

Technology Selection/Assessment

Platform selection can be daunting! There are so many platforms out there and we want to make sure your investment will help your team grow, rather than serve as a hindrance to your services. Get guidance on how to select a platform that will align with your goals.

Workflow Implementation/Redesign

Continuous quality improvement! Is your workflow impacting your efficiency? We will work with your team to evaluate what might be impacting your workflow and how to redesign to grow your clinical programs. 

Provider/Practice Pitches

Not sure how to approach a practice? Our team has joined calls with numerous pharmacists across the country to guide the conversation for collaboration. Sometimes it takes getting to know your audience to frame the conversation in the right way.

Content Development

Looking for an individualized template, document, or contract? Our team can help design documents that you may need during your implementation process.