Ready to take your local provider relationships to the next level?

If you are a pharmacist seeking to leverage your skills to collaborate with healthcare providers and manage patients beyond dispensing, this turn-key course includes all the tools you'll need to kickstart your journey.

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Already have your collaborator in mind?
Get ready to implement.

We provide the didactic content for you to learn prior to our onsite experience so we can focus on the how-to with our instructor team. Many attendees have likened our ALIE experience to a "mini residency" that provides you with all the tools and skills you need to launch your collaborative clinical services journey. 

Didactic pre-work

Learn the didactic content at home so you can come to the live training ready to implement. The service details are just the beginning. Our training focuses on the problem-solving skills you need to be successful. 

Navigate Value-based Care

The WHY of collaborative clinical services teaches you the background of provider quality measures and the model of collaboration. Learn the lingo and how to make an impact on satisfying quality measures.

Master the Services

Develop the skills you need to successfully launch a collaborative clinical services program through the WHAT. Our expert team of instructors lead you through cases and workflows so you feel confident in conducting the services.

Expert Instructors

Meet with a practice manager and biller to simulate the conversations you'll have with your own practices. Practice makes perfect, and our team is here to provide real-life examples and practical advice. 

Design Your Plan for Getting Started

Each opportunity is unique but our team is dedicated to helping you create your action plan to launching your program. We've worked with primary care clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, ACOs, and more! The HOW covers this and more!

Post-Training Support

We've built in support for you beyond our live training. Additional activities and one-on-one meetings to help you hit the ground running. Want advice on your documentation? Set up your call for feedback and guidance on ensuring your services meet the mark for your collaborators. 

What our learners say

Avant has found an innovative solution to solve a long term gap in healthcare. Let's add pharmacists directly into health care teams and work together to provide a higher quality of care. The outcomes are limitless; improved patient outcomes, close healthcare gaps, financial sustainability, and happy patients!
Harin Kalyanji
Thank you for offering this amazing one-of-a-kind course. It is valuable to those seeking practical, honest information regarding how to implement pharmacist led clinical services with providers. The course is worth every penny. 
Alyson Shirer
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