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Our core programs


The Advanced Learning Immersion Experience (ALIE) is our signature live event. Join our team of expert instructors for a 3-day training in Charlotte, NC. Our comprehensive ALIE program is meant for those seeking to establish, strengthen, or transform collaborative clinical services. During this training, we go beyond the CPE content to explore how to implement these services in practice. Learn from our pitfalls and success stories to prepare yourself for a fulfilling career offering collaborative clinical services.

Master Classes

Have a collaborating provider in mind and ready to get started? Our on-demand Master Classes provide you with a flexible learning experience. Select the services that are most meaningful to your opportunities. Want to focus on services that can be offered from a remote setting? Check out our Non-Face-to-Face Bundle. Ready to learn it all? Our Signature Master Class Bundle will be the best fit for you. These classes incorporate the ALIE content into a model where you can learn at your own pace. 


Our consulting services are designed to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s securing your first contract, launching a new program, improving your bottom line, or pursuing an entirely new direction for your business. We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help our clients build strong foundations for their clinical services. Our packages provide a range of consulting options, from as needed support to our most structured programs.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if your programs are the right fit for me?

We have many options for exploring collaborative clinical services to see if they are the right fit for you. We recommend starting with our free resources and exploring the links available through these resources. Check out our free resources course, free webinar series, and blog as a start! You can find pretty much anything on the internet these days. The difference between the internet and our training is that we have lived and breathed these services since 2013. Our team of instructors intentionally take you through our pitfalls and challenges so you are well-equipped to overcome them. It's not always a bumpy road! Our team has grown from two pharmacists dedicated to collaborative clinical services all the way to ten and this does not take into account our pharmacists who are pursuing a hybrid model of staffing and collaborative clinical services.

How does your training compare to other programs on collaborative clinical services?

At the Avant Institute, we teach models that strengthen the healthcare system, rather than fragmenting patient care. There are many models of pharmacist-led clinical services being taught that disrupt care by disconnecting the patient from their established primary care providers. These models may promote pharmacists conducting services and a telehealth provider billing for the service, even when the telehealth provider may not know the patient's history and may not be available for supervision. This is NOT the model that we teach. Things that are worth doing are never easy and approaching providers for collaborative clinical services is new to many that we train. We are here to teach you the fundamentals from pitching your value and training you on the services all the way to evaluating your opportunities and designing your contracts.

What patient population is targeted for your training?

We focus on the Medicare population as services for this population can be offered in every state. Pharmacists are recognized as auxiliary personnel and clinical staff team members in these models of care and services through Medicare are not dependent upon provider status or requirements for collaborative practice agreements.

What services do you teach? 

Since we target the Medicare population, we primarily train on the annual wellness visit (AWV), chronic care management (CCM), remote physiologic monitoring (RPM), behavioral health integration (BHI), principal care management (PCM), and transitional care management (TCM). We explore services that can be offered during the AWV and more but these are our primary targets. 

How do I find out if providers in my area are subject to value-based payment models, such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)?

You can use the Quality Payment Program Website and check a provider's participation status to determine if they must attest to MIPS. Some providers fall under certain thresholds and are not required to submit and others are considered to be Qualifying APM Participant (QPs) of Advanced Alternative Payment Models (Advanced APMs). This does not mean you cannot collaborate. It means that you may need to pivot your approach to share your value in their payment model.  

How do I improve a provider's quality measures?

By offering a service, you have the opportunity to impact quality measures, but this is not guaranteed. As part of our trainings, we teach you about pertinent quality measures, how to satisfy them, and how to make the most of your collaborative clinical services to improve patient care while also impacting provider's reimbursements.

If I have a specific need, do you offer consultation services?

Yes, we do! If you have a strong working knowledge of collaborative clinical services but would like to get assistance with approaching a provider group, talking to an ACO, or another individualized request, please fill out our consultation request form and someone from the team will reach out to you shortly.

Do you offer your training programs at any national conferences?

Our team of instructors have presented at numerous national conferences for various continuing education activities and also boot camps designed to teach the core content of our ALIE and Master Classes, but since these presentations are typically a few hours or a day, they do not have the depth of content available through our core programs. Most of our trainings at national conferences provide you with a solid introduction to the concept and services but do not provide the stories and experiences that make the difference in implementation.

Are there any published articles on successes of these pharmacist-led models?

Yes, our team has published several articles that highlight the value of pharmacists in this space and you can also review publications from other pharmacists offering services, such as the annual wellness visit, by visiting this resource.
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