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We teach what we do.

Through our experiences in the community pharmacy, primary care, and payer settings, we train pharmacists to be not only aware of the clinical demands of patient care but also the demands within the value-based healthcare system. 
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Learn more about our signature course

The Advanced Learning Immersion Experience

This 3-day immersive learning experience will provide you with the tools, resources, and skills to launch your collaborative clinical services program.

Looking for something more hands-on?

Our team can guide you through the process step-by-step.

Explore our coaching and management options if you are seeking one-on-one guidance and support during the launch of your collaborative clinical services program. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Seeking on-demand courses?

We offer courses for flexible learning.

Explore our Master Classes or check out the newly launched certificate training program: Pharmacists Getting Paid Through Collaborative Clinical Services, created by the Avant Institute and APhA. 
Courses overview

Quality education on collaborative care for pharmacists

For many years, various sectors of the healthcare industry have worked in silos, deepening the divides between the models of care. This has led to a disconnect between healthcare professionals as well as with patients. Through the development of well-rounded pharmacist skills, we are able to better prepare them to meet the growing needs of patients. Coordination of care plays a significant role in improving the management of patients but it takes an understanding of how to leverage the strengths of all members of the healthcare team. By introducing a clinical pharmacist to the primary care team, we believe there is an opportunity to improve quality of care, diversify the skillset of the team, and build a model that creates jobs for pharmacists across the country.

Online and live courses

Enjoy flexibility and variety of learning options to meet your needs.

Engaging courses

Content that goes beyond the WHAT to share the WHY and HOW.

Personalized consultations

Looking for something to support your unique collaboration? We offer personalized consultations.

Core Features

Awesome features for effective online learning. Webinars and the supporting tools to get started.

Our core programs


The Advanced Learning Immersion Experience (ALIE) is our signature live event. Join our team of expert instructors for a 3-day training in Charlotte, NC. Our comprehensive ALIE program is meant for those seeking to establish, strengthen, or transform collaborative clinical services. During this training, we go beyond the CPE content to explore how to implement these services in practice. Learn from our pitfalls and success stories to prepare yourself for a fulfilling career offering collaborative clinical services.

Master Classes

Have a collaborating provider in mind and ready to get started? Our on-demand Master Classes provide you with a flexible learning experience. Select the services that are most meaningful to your opportunities. Want to focus on services that can be offered from a remote setting? Check out our Non-Face-to-Face Bundle. Ready to learn it all? Our Signature Master Class Bundle will be the best fit for you. These classes incorporate the ALIE content into a model where you can learn at your own pace. 


Our consulting services are designed to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s securing your first contract, launching a new program, improving your bottom line, or pursuing an entirely new direction for your business. We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help our clients build strong foundations for their clinical services. Our packages provide a range of consulting options, from as needed support to our most structured programs.

How do I know if your courses are right for me?

If you are a community pharmacist, consultant pharmacist, or ambulatory care pharmacist seeking to build a sustainable model for collaboration between primary care and pharmacists, our courses may be the right fit for you! We focus on clinical services that can be offered across the country. Please visit our FAQ page for more information on our courses.

What have pharmacists done after your courses?

Many of our graduates have created new opportunities for their businesses and themselves! This includes adding a new revenue model for community pharmacies, introducing a clinical opportunity for pharmacists wanting a career change without the traditional residency route, creating an innovative pathway for consultant pharmacists to collaborate with providers, and more!